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Galakan Ethiopia

Galakan Ethiopia

Galakan has been working in Ethiopia since 2007. This awe inspiring doctor has spent the decade travelling the country treating those most in need.

“The poverty in these parts of the world is incomparable to what we think we understand about poverty. Our concept of what we truly “need” to live changes once you see how people live here. They live in poverty with dignity and determination to survive, and always have love to show.”

“I like change and I like smiling and seeing people happy makes me happy. If I can form part of making these people happy then that is all I want to live for.”


SMC Coach Hire have been supporting Galakan for the last couple of years. The money donated has been used on a variety of his projects supporting families that have been torn apart by illness, infection and disease.

Keep up to date with how SMC Coach Hire are supporting Galakan’s work through our blog.

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