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Made in Malawi

Made in Malawi is an independent charity registered with the UK Charity Commission that works on sustainable educational development projects in Southern Malawi. The charity provides special support to under privileged, disabled and orphaned families within the community. Without this, many of the children (some as young as 6 years old) would be forced to work, look after siblings or help their parents instead of attending school. Made in Malawi also run community outreach projects to improve the lives and living conditions of the community as a whole and help the locals prepare and recover from the floods that ravage the region each year.

Since its inception in 2011 the charity has built a nursery and primary school in Chipoka Village of Southern Malawi. The school ‘Mwana Africa’ supports and educates up to 300 local children, around 50% of whom come from orphaned families within the community. The charity is run on a completely voluntary basis and has no paid staff.

SMC Coach Hire have been supporting Made in Malawi since 2013 by helping to cover its UK operational costs for fundraising and office space. In 2015 we covered the educational costs of 100 orphans for an entire academic year and we also donate to support their ongoing development work at the school.

Keep up to date with the work of Made in Malawi through our Blog and on their website.

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