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SMC Coach Hire announces partnership with charity Transplant Patients Trust

SMC Coach Hire is now working with the Transplant Patients Trust in a bid to prevent poverty and provide financial aid to those waiting for an organ transplant.

From this week, the Transplant Patients Trust will receive financial and marketing support from SMC Coach Hire through annual donations and frequent mentions on social media platforms.

Founded in 1991 by leading surgeon Ross Taylor, Transplant Patients Trust, is dedicated to preventing circumstances of poverty by providing emergency financial aid to those who have undergone or are awaiting an organ transplant, including heart, liver, lung, kidney and bone marrow.

The charity offers nationwide support to those who need it most.

Undergoing or awaiting a transplant can be a difficult and uncertain time for both the donor recipient and their loved ones. It can disrupt all areas of life thus causing financial instability, adding increased stress to what is already a challenging situation.

Trustee of Transplant Patients Trust and Director of SMC Coach Hire and National Coach Network, Matthew Atkinson said:

“As a transplant recipient and Trustee of the Trust, I regularly see and hear of the physical, mental and financial impact that organ transplantation has on patients and on their families.

“The Transplant Patients Trust do an amazing job and it is an honour that SMC Coach Hire can now provide support to a cause that is so close to our hearts.”

Transplant Patients Trust offers a vital financial life raft, helping to cover the cost of necessities such as childcare, travel, parking, recovery support, clothing and white goods. Additionally, the charity actively encourages people to join the organ donation register through raising much needed awareness.

Facts about transplant and organ donation in the UK:

  • 6239 people are waiting for a transplant in the UK
  • 3174 people have received a transplant since April 2021
  • 29% of organ donors are between the ages 50-59
  • 96% of people believe organ donation is the right thing to do
  • 1100 lives were saved last year through organ donation

The charity is solely reliant upon the kind support of organisations and individuals who choose to donate. If you would like to donate or find out more on how you can support Transplant Patients Trust, please visit their website:https://transplantpatientstrust.org.uk/

Special thanks to all the staff at the Transplant Patients Trust that change people’s lives in such amazing ways.

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