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Stay in the UK this Holiday

2017 has arrived, the new year is here, and on this, the first week in January, it’s a great time to prepare and plan your holiday time for the year while you still have some of that ‘New Year’s Resolution’ energy pumping through you.

But where do you and your friends want to go? Usually a big holiday with all of your friends means a flight down to the Balearics with a hundred or so other people, many of them children, yelling and screaming while you’re trapped in the plane, or a flight to somewhere in France followed by lugging your ski gear a couple of countries away to get to the ski resort you want.

What if there were easy options to get the holiday you wanted?… What if you could get sun, surf, ski and more in the UK?

The ‘Cornish Riviera’ is a great place to go for sun and surf both. With a number of standout beaches and one of the biggest pro-surf competitions in Europe both active there, there’s plenty for a surfing expedition of you and your friends to do once you get there – and plenty for anyone who doesn’t want to take to the waves to enjoy while they do it. Getting a group of your friends down there can be easy whether your party fills a minibus or a full-on luxury double-decker; just get in touch.

We’re often called upon for ski trips, either taking a group to a single resort or doing a tour of all the slopes in a specific area. While this often involves delving into Europe, it certainly doesn’t have to; the five main ski resorts of Scotland have great slopes, great accommodation, and fantastic après ski into the bargain. Perfect for serious piste lovers and partygoers alike.

A major theme in citybreaks has been visiting a great, bustling modern city which wears its history on its sleeve, exploring beautiful ancient buildings without doing away with the comforts of today. One of the major attractions of many Italian and French cities is just as true of many at home – but how about York as one of them? The Minster’s undercroft, Jorvik, the York Dungeon, the Castle Museum and more, topped off with a stroll through the Shambles and then on to a great restaurant for dinner. Let us take you there.

We can’t leave out London! What about a weekend trip to see one of the West End’s great shows with all your friends? Even if that’s not your thing, there’s always plenty happening, from exhibitions at the world-famous museums to party nights at the many famous nightclubs.

Whatever holiday you’re in the mood for, you and your friends can get there in style in just a short trip, somewhere in the UK. Fill out our enquiry form for a quote and we can help you get started.

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