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The Benefits of Coach Travel

The Benefits of Coach travel: Travelling in the modern age has made it easier than ever before to get from one destination to another due to better advanced in technology. With so many variations of transport out there, coach travel still stands the test of time as one of the best ways to get where you need to be.

Coaches offer a cost-effective, personal and spacious way to travel from one place to another. Whether that be for a family outing, a sports/school trip or a wedding, it’s the perfect mode of transport for national travel with a group of people.

In this list,  we go through some of the amazing benefits of coach travel and why you should choose it.


1. Hassle-free transport

Long distance driving (especially in places we’ve never driven before) can be a nightmare.

Strange one-way systems, parking rules and congestion charges. It can all be a little too much, and when you’re going somewhere to enjoy yourself it can really put a dampener on the day before it’s even started.

Travelling by coach means that you don’t have to worry about any of this.

The driver will definitely know what they’re doing and have a good understanding of all the routes and regulations of an area (it’s what you pay for).  All you have to do is just soak up the scenery and relax.


2. It’s cost effective

With soaring prices of train tickets and rising taxations, it’s never been more cost effective to travel by coach.

This is especially true for commuters.

Even if you have access to your own car, when you calculate the price of petrol, tax, service fees and where necessary – congestion charge – it all adds up to be a rather costly way to travel.

It’s also worth noting that coach companies, unlike airlines, don’t need to pay for Air Passenger Duty (APD) – a taxation for UK passenger flights leaving the UK. Therefore, coach travel is generally cheaper because of this removed cost.


3. Full view of beauty

It must be said, you can’t beat a nice drive along a scenic route and coach travel is no different.

Travelling by coach means you can sit back and take the some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes in. The added bonus of coach travel is that you’re typically sat much higher from the other cars on the road – allowing you to catch the very best views.


4. Safety first

 A question that’s always asked… “is coach travel safer than a car?”

The answer is simply, yes.

This obviously can depend on many factors that come into play, but one of the main reasons is actually the driver. Highly trained, experienced and has a key duty to ensure the safety of their passengers.


5. Traveling in comfort

By far one of the most beneficial reasons to travel by coach is the level of comfort you can experience. Coach travel far outweighs the comfort of train and bus travel, with their plush modern interiors.

Coaches are very spacious, well-maintained, and offer air-conditioning for a comfortable journey. Many of the luxury coaches we use also come with on-board drinks facilities, a W/C, and on some, a TV/DVD player – offering everything you need for great travel experience.

Travelling by coach allows you to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed – ready to take on whatever the day ahead throws at you.


6. Avoiding parking fees

When driving your car, especially into a city, how often do you struggle to find a parking space and gasp at the cost of parking when you eventually find one? Unless you’re prepared to walk from a distant car park, you could find yourself spending the same price to park for a day as you would on a meal out at a restaurant.

The advantage of coach travel is you don’t have to deal with any of that. Coach hire or minibus hire is quite literally door-to-door so no need to stress about parking.


7. Better for the environment

 At SMC Coach Hire, we actually have the option for our customers to offset their carbon emissions after every journey, which is huge step up for the environment and the industry as a whole (it’s what makes us special).

But even without the option to carbon offset, it’s still more environmentally friendly than all other means of transport by a country mile.

 Many modern coaches are also fitted with devices to help reduce the number of harmful pollutants they produce.


8. Door to door service

Jumping from taxi to taxi, train to train on a four hour journey?

No thanks!

With coach travel, many companies offer convenient pick-up locations located close to your home, reducing the amount of time and fuss needed to hop on-board.



If the past few years have taught us anything at all, it’s that the UK has some amazing and beautiful places to visit. If you want to discover the benefits of coach travel yourself, why not request a quote from us and we’ll do the rest.

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