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Coaches and minibus hire for your wedding

Wedding guests Can Ride in Style

A wedding is always a special day, but it’s also a lot to organise – and to make it memorable, everything needs to go smoothly.

Nobody understands how important it is for arrangements you’ve made to just work perfectly, without you needing to worry about them, the way SMC Coach Hire does. Across all of our services, that’s an important, fundamental goal – to make sure that our customers and their friends, family, and colleagues can always travel in comfort, collected and brought through to your destination on time.

Wedding days involve plenty of travel, with trips between hotel and venue, venue and reception, reception and hotel… and while traditionally the bride and groom each travel alone, guests will often want a group option. Otherwise a whole fleet of taxis can sometimes be needed, after all!

Using a hired luxury coach the whole trip can feel like part of the day’s celebrations, where when you climb inside a taxi and seal yourself off from the other guests there’s often a feeling of suspension, as if things are on hold until you emerge at the other end.

When you arrange your wedding day, you turn everything over to the professionals and put your faith in them. When it comes to travel arrangements, we’re the professionals – and you can use our enquiry form right now to get the ball rolling.

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