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ecolibrium is a charity that works to tackle the environmental impacts of travel by supporting organisations and individuals to reduce, record and balance travel-related carbon emissions. ecolibrium provide a Travel Carbon Calculator to calculate the emissions from journeys and the opportunity to balance those emissions through their climate solutions programmes, Energy Revolution which invests in projects that create renewable energy or Trees+ which supports tree planting, reforestation and the protection of threatened rainforest.

Since 2015, ecolibrium has worked across the events industry, where audience travel emissions can make up to 80% of an event’s carbon footprint, to balance over 13 million average car miles with investments in clean, renewable energy projects.

Balancing donations have helped power wind turbines in Tamil Nadu, India, solar farms in South West England, wind turbines in the Forest of Dean and solar panels on the roofs of UK schools.

ecolibrium brings people together to turn millions of miles of travel into clean energy and turn a problem into a solution for a sustainable future.

SMC Coach Hire are working with ecolibrium to help reduce the negative environmental impact of passenger travel. When booking, all of our customers are provided with the option to balance all or part of their trip through a donation to ecolibrium. 100% of donations will go to ecolibrium and be invested in not-for-profit renewable energy projects.

Find out more about the renewable energy projects benefiting from carbon-balancing donations at: https://ecolibrium.earth/

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