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Since 2018, Embassy has been tackling the growing problem of homelessness in Manchester by providing vulnerable males with dedicated support in getting off and staying off the streets. They aim to “empower people to leave homelessness behind and hope for the future.”

At present, there are over 300 people sleeping rough in Manchester. Using a re-purposed tour bus that sleeps 12, Embassy is providing a creative solution to this severe problem. The charity provides victims of homelessness with a place to gain much-needed rest and supports them in rehabilitation. Those they are able to help are connected with the relevant organisations and agencies and are aided in finding both stable work and permanent housing.

Alarmingly, approximately 50% of people choose to return to the streets as a result of loneliness. Embassy is determined to make sure that this does not happen and continue to support the men after they have been re-homed. This unique approach has seen great success with three-quarters of the men they have helped remaining in their jobs and all but one of the men housed have remained in their accommodation. The one who hasn’t is back on the bus and Embassy are helping him again.

SMC Coach Hire is a committed supporter of Embassy, helping to cover the financial costs of running and maintaining the Embassy bus. For updates on Embassy’s work, please see our blog and the Embassy website.