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Booking a coach or minibus for the airport ✈️

Published 2nd Jul 2024

We all love going on holiday; whether it’s an exciting week of exploring new destinations, or a relaxing getaway with some sun and sea, there’s nothing better than getting away. But with travelling comes the dreaded stress of the airport, and how you’re actually going to get there. Airport parking is expensive, public transport can be unreliable… it can be difficult to decide, and no one wants to start their holiday stressed! 

But what about hiring a coach or minibus? Here’s a list of why you should consider this your ultimate airport transportation. 

1. Save money

Holidays can be expensive, and there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve paid for everything, then hidden costs eat away at your budget. Opting for a coach or minibus can help you save money and avoid those hidden costs. If you’re travelling in a large group, the cost towards a coach hire may ultimately cost you less than individual train tickets or taxi rides. What’s even better is with a coach or minibus, you can all arrive to the airport together!

2. Take your time

When heading to the airport, you might find yourself allocating extra time for various transportation factors, like waiting for the train to make stops or finding parking and taking a shuttle. Suddenly that 11am flight has you waking up at 4am just to get there! But with a coach or minibus, the only stop on your journey is your destination, so you can enjoy that extra hour in bed the day of your trip.

3. Travel your way

Booking a coach or minibus also ensures that the journey is tailored to you. Larger coaches are often equipped with restrooms, and the option to stop whenever you need to, not to mention plenty of space for you, your party and your luggage. There’s also plenty of accessibility options available to accommodate everyone in your party.  

4. More safe

Your driver will be experienced in navigating the roads and airports, reducing the likelihood of accidents. They also will likely be more accustomed to driving long hours at all hours, minimizing the risk in someone driving while tired. As well as this, travelling by coach is safer than travelling by car statistically, so you can feel rest assured that you can arrive to the airport safely without a worry. Additionally, with all the space provided, it’s also more safe for your belongings!

5. Less stress

As previously mentioned, travelling to the airport by coach or minibus overall relieves stress. The coach allows you to all arrive to the airport together, eliminating the need to try and organize everyone’s arrivals (and avoid those stressful “where are you?” phone calls!) There’s nothing worse than arriving at your holiday, and you’re too exhausted from the stress of getting there to really enjoy it. Even worse is finally returning home after a great holiday, to find you can’t get home! Booking a coach or minibus means that no matter what your flight times, there will be someone waiting there to get you home. 

That wraps up our reasons to book a coach or minibus for your airport transfer. Are you jetting off somewhere lovely this summer? SMC Coach Hire can get you to and from the airport with ease, so don’t hesitate to enquire now!