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Balancing your carbon emissions with ecolibrium 🌍

Published 26th Mar 2021
Did you know that SMC Coach Hire proudly supports the UK based charity ecolibrium?

Since 2018, we’ve been working together with ecolibrium and our wonderful customers to help minimise the negative impact travel has on our environment. We offer all our customers the options to balance the carbon emissions generated during their travel.

Since launching, the initiative has seen huge success with many customers opting to get involved and balance their carbon. In 2019 we balanced a staggering 283,130 miles of travel emissions! While the Covid-19 pandemic has halted most travel over the past year, we hope that in the future we can beat this figure and continue to balance as many travel miles as possible.
How does it work? 

When you book with us, we automatically calculate the emissions generated for the journey, using official government guidelines. We then offer you the option to balance this through a donation to ecolibrium at the point of booking.

How is my donation used? 

100% of your donation goes to ecolibrium who invest the funds into clean, renewable energy projects such as wind farms and solar panels on school roofs. If you’d like to find out more about the amazing work that ecolibrium do, check out their website:

The ecolibrium team have been hard at work, recently launching a Travel Carbon Calculator app designed specifically for the live music industry. The app allows artist and events to tackle travel impacts by providing them with an easy way of logging their miles and calculating the associated emissions. Find out more here:

ecolibroium isn't the only charity we work with! Take a look at our charities page to find out more.