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9 European Locations To Visit On Your Coach Holiday

Published 13th Apr 2022

Without a doubt, taking a European coach hire holiday can be an incredible way to experience different cultures, meet different people and enjoy a variety of activities.

It’s fair to say that our love for adventure has never been stronger. Now with lockdown over and borders back open, taking time away from the norm is even more of a priority than before.

We have put together a list of breathtaking locations you must visit if you’re considering taking a European coach hire holiday.

1. London

Coach Hire London
This is where your adventure begins, London is often overlooked when it comes to coach hire tour holidays in Europe simply because it’s in the UK, but it has so many amazing attractions and sights to see such as the world-class British Museum, the West End and our personal favourite, the Tower of London.

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2. Amsterdam

Coach Hire European City Holiday Tour
There is more to Amsterdam than meets the eye. Behind the picturesque canals and the quirky architecture lies a city with more energy and vibrancy than you can imagine. Spend your day biking through the city’s many museums, coffee shops and restaurants and you’ll always be guaranteed to find something to do.

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3. Munich

Coach Hire European City Holiday Tour
By now, your European coach hire tour has well and truly started and at this point, you’re more than likely to visit the City of Munich. Known to be quite an expensive city, there is plenty to do that doesn’t require you to spend most of your holiday money.

Free attractions include the English Garden, a variety of churches and Marienplatz, the latter of which is usually rife with street performers, vendors and restaurants selling bratwursts and beer.

For a true German beer experience, head to one of the many biergartens scattered throughout the city.

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4. Austrian Tyrol

Coach Hire European City Holiday Tour
Taking a step aside from the Cities of Europe, you will find one of the most breath-taking locations in the world, Tyrol. Known for its many skiing resorts, it’s a place shrouded in fairy-tale and beauty. Outdoor enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with hiking and rock-climbing being just a few of the popular activities here.

However, if you prefer the calmer side of life, then there’s plenty of cosy inns with hearty cuisines to help you recharge those batteries.

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5. Venice

Coach Hire European City Holiday Tour
Humankind have been traveling to and from Venice for over 1000 years, and we can see why! With its enchanting canals, historical architecture and delectable restaurants what’s not to love about The Floating City.

Step into St. Mark’s square and you’ll get a glimpse of the Basilica and its sheer size. stroll across the famous Rialto Bridge or snap a photo in front of the iconic Bridge of Sighs.

Keep in mind, though, that this extremely popular destination brings immense crowds, especially during the warmer months. Plus, gondola rides and hotels are pricey, so you'll want to make sure to budget accordingly.

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6. Rome

Coach Hire European City Holiday Tour
Known to be one of the most historical and beautiful places in the world, Rome is an absolute can’t-miss spot on your European coach hire holiday tour.

From the Colosseum to the Spanish Steps, you’ll be sure to find something awe-inspiring and all within reasonable proximity to each other. If sightseeing isn’t on the agenda (or you’ve already been before!) then check out the quaint Gelato shops and restaurants with a spot of shopping after.

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7. Florence

Birds-eye view of the city of Florence in the sunset
Florence, Italy, boasts top-notch museums, stunning architecture and mouth-watering cuisine. Must-dos include admiring Michelangelo's David at the Galleria dell'Accademia and taking in city and river views from the Ponte Vecchio.

When hunger strikes, head to the Mercato Centrale Firenze to stock up on fresh meats and cheeses or sit down for pizza or gelato at a charming outdoor eatery.

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8. Barcelona

European city holiday tour in Barcelona at sunset
Barcelona, Spain's diverse architecture sets the city apart from other European destinations. Basilica de la Sagrada Família is beyond impressive, Palau de la Música Catalana and the many medieval buildings in the Gothic Quarter.

Once you have finished taking in the city's stunning architecture, relax on the local beach, sample a smattering of tasty local tapas at Boqueria Market or sip sangria along Las Ramblas.

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9. Paris

Eiffel Tower in paris surrounded by autumn leaves with a coach in the background
Filled with museums, monuments and churches, Paris is somewhere you could easily spend your entire coach hire trip admiring iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, wandering through exhibits at the Louvre and strolling through the beautiful green space admiring flowers at the Luxembourg Gardens.

Once the sun sets, sit down for a decadent French meal with amazing wine.

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