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Being Green in 2019!

Published 29th Apr 2019
As industry specialists, SMC Coach Hire are extremely proud to be leading the way in reducing the negative environmental impact of passenger travel. In May, we teamed up with Energy Revolution and rolled out the option for all of our customers to balance the Co2 emissions generated by their travel through a carbon donation at the point of booking.

Since 4th May, over 3,000 of our customers have chosen to get involved resulting in a staggering 15,500 vehicle miles travelled already being balanced! We are astounded and very grateful to see such amazing results in such a short space of time. A huge thank you to all of our customers who have gotten involved so far. We cannot wait to see the number of miles balanced continue to grow throughout the year.

What is Energy Revolution?

Energy Revolution is a charity that works to tackle the environmental impacts of travel by supporting organisations and individuals to reduce, record and balance travel-related carbon emissions.

How is the cost to balance calculated?

The donation amount for each booking is carefully calculated using official government guidelines.

How are the funds invested?

Funds are directly invested into clean renewable energy projects by Energy Revolution. Balancing donations have previously helped to power solar farms in the South West England, wind turbines in the Forest of Dean and Tamil Nadu (India), as well as solar panels of the roofs of schools in the UK.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information on how SMC Coach Hire supports charities, please click here.