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Top Five Festival Tips For All Festival-Goers

Published 9th May 2018
Festivals are amazing; they are great time to connect with friends and family while letting lose to great music. They are an experience like no other but they are not without their flaws. To ensure you have the best possible time at your chosen festival, SMC Coach Hire have complied a list of the top festival tips!

Take a Cheap Phone & Portable Charger

The first on our list of festival tips is mobile phones. For many of us our top of the range phones are our best-friend and life-line rolled into one so it’s not surprising we find it hard to part with them. However, taking a cheap phone in instead of your smartphone could save you much grief later down the line. Chances are the battery will last much longer on something less high-tech and you won’t feel as gutted if you lose it. Whether you opt to take the cheap phone or not, taking a portable charger is a must. It will keep your line of communication open if you happen to lose people which let’s be honest, is almost unavoidable in festivals. It will also save you queuing at charging ports leaving you more time for dancing!

Set a Meeting Point

When you first arrive it’s a great idea to set a meeting point so if you do get lost in throngs of crowds or you fancy going in different directions for a while, you can still find each other. Try to choose somewhere that isn’t your tent and is easily spottable from far away, so if you can’t remember where you set up camp you can still find each other.

Wet-wipe Washes & Dry Shampoo

Hygiene is very important on our festival tips list! Queues for showers tend to be terrifyingly long and seriously cut into your party time. Wet-wipes are the king of kerbing this, providing you with a quick wash down so you feel fresh and don’t smell unwashed. Dry shampoo will do the same for your hair, keeping it easy to style and non-greasy.

Don't Forget Your Sun Cream

We don’t mean to sound like your Mum, but if you’re blessed with good weather while at your festival you’ll thank your lucky stars you packed some SPF. Sun-burn is a sure fire way to ruin your good vibes and is definitely not fun to sleep on so be smart and get lathered up!

Clean Socks and Glitter

Having an emergency stash of clean dry socks will feel like heaven when you need them. It’s a simple way to keep you feeling fresh, even if the rest of your clothes aren’t. It’s also a great place to stash your emergency cash. The glitter is optional but you won’t regret it!

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Now that you’re festival savvy why not get your transport booked? We provide transport for festivals all year round and especially in the summer. Make an online booking today through our booking form, alternatively you can call SMC Coach Hire on 0333 200 7221.